What is exactly Courses Bits?

coursesbits.com is a site that provides FREE coupons for paid courses. The well-known Udemy website offer valuable courses, and some of them allow free enrollment using coupons. To make things easier for you, we collect all those coupons in one place.

How can I use these coupons?

Just go to our home page or our social media pages and select the desired course. Press the ENROLL button, and you will be immediately taken to the course page. The FREE coupon will automatically apply.

Why the ENROLL button is missing?

1. Disable any ad-blocker (U-block, Brave etc.), and try again.
2. Clean the browser cache and try again.
3. Try incognito mode. If you now see the button, your browser may cause this problem. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you here.
4. In case none of the steps above work, please contact us via Telegram.

Why some of the coupons are invalid?

Unfortunately, Udemy’s policy limits the coupon’s usage to 1000 enrollments. After that point the coupons aren’t valid anymore. Sorry, you are late.
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Can I get a coupon for a specific course?

No, we just provide existing coupons. However, it is possible that in the future there will be a coupon for the course you want. Stay tune with us.

Is it legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal, Udemy gives creators of courses, the option to create coupons.
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What is the frequency of new coupons for the same course?

We don't know, we can't control it. According to Udemy, each creator is allowed to create coupons for a course only three times a month. So, stay tuned with us.